Saturday, 31 October 2009

Mixed media stitched folk art

well here goes second day of blogging!
I spent half the day yesterday trying to work this out!
and then I thought I had better do some painting,
I have had my sewing box out again and have been stitching a few thinks up to add to a new mixed media folk art painting, its working out quite well I think ..........

this is one of the two finished paintings

I reall enjoyed painting these two,
 so while my sewing box is still out I have started on another two
one small 8x8 inch and one large 50x50 cm

Friday, 30 October 2009

Folk art paintings

Welome to my first ever blog!
my name is Jane and i like to paint all sorts of things,
my style varies from animal portraits to Folk art and lots of other crafty things.

blossoming button tree
now available on ebay

Folk Angel Mixed media on wood

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